DU/ER Staccato Menswear Vancovuer


DU/ER jeans are made from naturally anti-bacterial materials that are anti-sweat, moisture wicking and allow temperature control.  These stay dry performance denim are great for the guy who’s always on the go.  DU/ER jeans allow maximum performance without sacrificing style.

Desoto Staccato Menswear Vancouver

Desoto – More than just a shirt

Everyone wants that shirt versatile shirt that is not only on trend, but comfortable.  These Italian designed shirts made with sustainable premium jersey material made by Desoto will keep you looking trendy but feeling comfy.  These shirts are breathable, movable and because if it’s innovative design, is wrinkle free and always ready-to-wear.

Staccato Menswear Koll3kt Outerwear Vancouver


Koll3kt, innovative clothing designed with quality technical fabrics and modern innovations that is practical for your on-the-go schedule while still keeping your wardrobe looking stylish.