Staccato Menswear Vancouver Daniele fiesoli Spring 2017

Daniele Fiesoli

Daniele Fiesoli “Absolutely Made in Italy” was launched in 2000 by Woolgroup Srl.  Daniele Fiesoli is a collection of fine knitwear with great design, high quality and affordable prices.  This brand backs up their words and is all made in Italy.  The yarns are all made in Tuscany – a district known for their knitwear.

The Daniele Fiesoli is comprised of contemporary knits and sweaters from hand-made prints, casual and informal blazers, and knit pants.

Now a worldwide brand, Daniele Fiesoli can be found in over 700 boutiques and shops in Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Japan, Korea and of course Italy.