KOI Denim 1 Staccato Vancouver


Koi Denim 2 Staccato Vancouver

KOI – Kings of Indigo was founded in Amsterdam 2010.  The company name KOI came from one of the founders Tony Tonnaer’s favorite tattoo, the koi fish.  Because the company was founded by three denim heads, KOI also became an acronym for Kings Of Indigo.  The first collection of KOI denim was successfully launched in Berlin, July 2011.  KOI Denim became popular and successful due to it’s production using only the finest organic cotton (GOTS certified), providing top-notch materials processed in the world’s best denim mills.  KOI Denim is known for their quality and sustainable designs inspired by American classics with a Japanese eye for detail.  With only the finest materials used and classic styles, KOI denim allows the garments to be worn from season to season.  “The Kings want you to wear your jeans as long as possible.  Wear them with pride.”