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Paul Betenly – A Designer Suit History

In 1981, Milan Italy, Paul Betenly started his business, gaining the respect from clothing notabilities of Milan with his designs.  The designers only use the most the technological and industrial methods approach in order to provide style with the “Quality” philosophy of its founder, Paul Betenly.

The designers at Paul Betenly aim to provide their customers with the best price-value relationship in the world of menswear.  The direct operations at Paul Betenly allows them to maintain the high quality standards and to carefully control all segments of production.  This enables them to be flexible and able to cater to the needs of their customers in various ways.

Paul Betenly understands and strives to provide designer suits that compliment all men, all lifestyles, and all occasions.  The modern fit and designs, combined with old world tailoring offers the wearer a look of charm and finesse.


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